Dave In Charge - Hold My Hand [UK Conscious Rap] (@DaveInCharge)

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Hold My Hand inspires us to cherish experiences that we share together, while the video follows the narrative of a young couple on a fun night out, but with subtle and unexpected twists... | Read More: http://www.daveincharge.com/dave-in-charge-feminist-egalitarian-rapper/

Directed by Joshua Kahan | http://www.joshuakahan.co.uk | @JoshuaKahan
Shot/Edited by Fahd Hashmey | http://www.fahdhashmey.co.uk | @FazyHash
Produced by David Palmer | http://www.daveincharge.com | @DaveInCharge

Starring Irena Kiseleva & Xavier Dawes

Instrumental produced by Diamond Style


Dave In Charge
Dave In Charge
Dave In Charge
Dave In...

[Verse 1]
We walk the footsteps of the lost and found
Surrounded by the sway of the light through the trees
Treated to the energy, for here it is essence
Seconds are shorter as we take it all in
Spinning on the axis of evil and good
Would we enjoy more time to explore?
Caught from the corner a secret smile
We only live x times, why wait more?

And the city is live; see the pavement buzzing
Hold onto my hand and we'll get there shoving
That's the centre of town, where the party's happening
We slip through the jam, so we can jam, or something

Some people sober, some in a muddle
Some people chill out, some there to hustle
Some people louder, some keeping subtle
Bus routes meander the concrete jungle

I told her hold my hand and we'll get through the crowd
(get through the crowd)
She said I need a friend to stop me falling down
(stop me falling down)
I'll do my best to make sure you stay in my sight
(ooh, stay in my sight, girl)
I told her hold my hand, don't you get left behind

[Bridge x2]
I told her hold my hand
I told her hold my hand
I told her hold my hand

[Verse 2]
And led by the tune, we move our feet in here
Feeling this one, she's feeling it too, that's clear

Beats of the heart change pace
Rhythm reverberates
Groove as it syncopates
Us two, we relate

Too loud to conversate, so
We communicate too, by the way we move
We've all got tells and some we choose
I'll hold her hand with this excuse


[Bridge x2]

[Verse 3]
We spin around so now we're facing
Eyes meet, our pulses racing
Tension building while we're gazing
Been waiting for this situation

We move close, now we're embracing
Eyes shift to each other's lips
No secret where we're aiming

Give her bliss...
It starts with a kiss


[Bridge x2]
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